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The Killing Saga

The Killing Shield

‘Whether you are locked up in the basement or let loose in the whole house, it is all still a cage and he is still your Handler. Do not let him dazzle you with a life that is not really yours.’

Cassie is out of the Complex but far from free. Haunted by the horrors of her past and tortured by an impossible promise to save the man she left behind, her cage is now a luxury home and her Handler a mysterious businessman who wants to exploit her strength to shield him from danger.

As new connections begin to test her allegiance, Cassie must decide who to fight for. But to know what side she’s on, she must first understand who she truly is. 

Monster or hero? Captive or confidant? Pawn or knight? 

The Killing Shield is the second book in the Killing Saga.

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